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where's the baby?

[kadaj voice] wheres mother?

will you marry me?


do you know any cool memes?


ive heard some rumors around town that you know how to please

how to please god by reading my bible everyday god bless america

is it true that you are the big sexy hot yaoi?

how did you know

what keeps you here on tumblr?

half of the time i hate but half of the time i love it.
what keeps me here though is

-seeing dumb shit and sending tammy links to the dumb shit

-the meme crew which i met because of tumblr

-posting graphics and shit

-and its a good place to get away and it makes me happy when im mad at the world and my home life

im really gay

what do you think everybody in your skype crew should cosplay as



Ollie: Xion bye ollie is so cute i love ollie and she would make an adorable xion god bless ollie

sam: hayner cus shes a fucking chicken wuss

jocy: a trash can

sierra: snow villers though

lee: i just picture lee as axel 24/7

claire: uMMm i can picture claire as kairi

pinta: shrek

erin: the last step for erin to become naruto trash is to just cospley deidara tbh

dakota: i would pay so much money to see dakota in a Sephiroth cosplay

what does your last text message say

"i slept for 10 hours and i still feel like shit"

are u trash or are u trash?

jocy aren’t you supposed to be taking a nap you meme fucker


ya’ll should send me questions on anon about things you want to know about me

im in a question answering mood

just ask me anything tbh

KH2 MANGA: roxas

i was going through my skype folder and

the best of tumblr user seymourflux

Emmie: sierra i was already troy baker trash but ever since i met you ive become 900% more trash